July 24, 2018

5 Tips When Testing Your Alarm System

Getting into the habit of testing your home alarm system is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It's also pretty simple. We all know technology can sometimes be tricky and your alarm is no exception. Even though we monitor your system 24/7, occasionally issues won't surface until you put it through its paces.

So, here are some quick tips the next time you test your system.

1. Start With The Owner's Manual

It may not be the most exciting piece of literature to read but if you want to know your system, start there. In your manual, will be a section explaining how to test your system without setting off a false alarm. In some cities, a false alarm might cost you a pretty penny.

2. Choosing The "Right" Time To Test

When testing your system, you want to be courteous to those around you as well. Pick a time of day when neighbors are away, or unlikely to be asleep. Also if you have pets, they sometimes are sensitive to loud noises so it might be a good idea to let them outside during the test.

3. Give Us A Call

We love hearing from you anyways so please give us a call and let us know you are planning on testing your system. That way, we can disregard any signals we may receive during the established testing time.

4. Test At A Leisurely Pace

It's a good idea to know the location of all the sensors in your home or business beforehand. Go through each one methodically, walking in front of each motion detector as well as testing each door and window. After you check a sensor, give it enough time to send its signals to the central station. Roughly 10 seconds for each one. For sensors on an entry delay (like the front door or garage door), give them more time to send their signals. Between 30-45 seconds should do it.

5. Verify Signals

Now that you have gone through and tested every device, you can call us back, and we will verify that we have received the signals.

And that's it! You just thoroughly tested your system and just like the rest of your home; you want to make sure it's running smoothly. Try and check it once a month or at least on a quarterly basis. Hope these quick tips help you out during your next routine system test.